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Internship Programme


Birchwood College has extended its curriculum offer to incorporate a programme that combines Level 2 or Level 3 study with some regular work experience.  This is an attempt to further prepare students for the challenges ahead when they leave full time education.  It is thought that this programme will either serve to up-skill students in preparation for full time employment, or give them valuable work experience that will bolster their university application.


We feel there is an opportunity for students to improve their experience of the working world, and further prepare themselves for the challenges that lay ahead of full time education.  Many students leave colleges for full time employment without having had any real work experience, and as a consequence this is reflected in their successes in securing work.  Similarly, more and more university courses, at present, are requiring valuable work experience as an entry requirement for particular courses, and at Birchwood College we feel that there is an opportunity to make this accessible for students.

On another level, many students start sixth form education having selected courses based on current levels of enjoyment, rather than looking for a programme that could guide them down a career pathway.  The Internship programme offers students the chance to really experience a work place that could be a possible career avenue within the future.  It will do this whilst issuing enough UCAS points to enable students (should they wish to) to apply for a university degree.



Logistics of the Programme

Time Frame

A student will look to combine the work placement with either one or two qualifications whilst at college. 


  • If a student undertakes two A level or equivalent qualifications, then they will undertake a placement for one day per week.

  • If a student undertakes one A level or equivalent qualification, then they will undertake a placement for two days per week.

These days would be dictated by the college timetable, to be completed in the summer term.


The placement will run for the full academic year, and will exclude college holidays (i.e. roughly 39 weeks per year).  Changes to this could be negotiated between the three parties providing 39 weeks was covered as a minimum.

How to Contact Us 

For further information regarding the programme, please contact us.

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